Do you have a Refund Policy?

Yes, we do have a refund policy. Should you place a deposit on a Cavapoo Puppy and for some reason it was not available (you wanted a male and none were born, etc.), your money will be refunded. Or, the money can be kept as a deposit on another Cavapoo Puppy from future planned breeding, whichever you prefer. Refunds will be mailed out within 14 days after it is known for certain that a buyer’s puppy will not be available. This is normally at the birth date of the litter but could be 10 days after the due date if the female failed to conceive. Please note that once you send a deposit and have us add your name to the reservation list, the deposit is only refundable if for some reason your puppy was not made available to you. If you change your mind or fail to pay off the balance owed on your puppy for any reason, you will lose your deposit. The only exception to this is if a written agreement is obtained from us and we approve the refund due to extenuating circumstances. Otherwise, payment in full is due when the puppies reach five weeks of age, and shipping or pick up of the puppies will take place at eight weeks.

How do I know that you are not a scam?

We do not beg/convince people to trust us, we earn it by demonstrating our legitimacy through transparency and action. Our good works speak for themselves. So, instead of taking our word for what it’s like to work with us, we encourage you to read reviews from real customers. An even for you, after using our service, we implore you to submit a review about our service cos we largely depend on those reviews to improve our services.

Do you have a contract?

Because we pride ourselves in our competence and advertise only what our Puppies represent, we confidently sign contracts with our customers so as to facilitate the resolution of misunderstandings whenever the need arises.

Do your Puppies come with a health guarantee? shots? wormed?

All of our Cavapoo Puppies are guaranteed healthy when sold. A health certificate will be provided for all Puppies being shipped. puppy buyers are encouraged to have their own health exam done upon arrival to the new home within 72 hours. Any health claims made after 72 hours are typically not covered under our guarantee, since we have no control whatsoever over what sort of environment the Puppy is exposed to once it leaves our direct care.

Can I contact you for advice or support after I get my Puppy?

YES! We shall stay in very close contact with you and your future family member so I can guide you on your journey through training and anything that goes along with ownership. *We will appreciate lots of pictures and updates since we love to watch them grow.

Can we come visit and meet your Puppies?

YES! You are very much welcome to visit meet/greet the puppies and ask questions but this is by appointment only during weekends. Please do not visit any kennels or pet stores prior to your visit, this protects our cats from deadly diseases such as Parvo that are carried on your shoes.

When do Puppies get to unite with there new families?

Each puppy is different just like children so most are ready at or around 8 weeks of age some we keep a little longer or until we feel they are ready. puppy needs love, training, and alot of socialization before going to meet there new families.